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Xyclopz to cast MDL Macau Minor as part of 5-man remote broadcast

Time:12/7/2017 4:00:00 AM +00:00

The English broadcast panel for the upcoming MDL Macau Minor will not be broadcasting live from the event but it will include the rather edgy Thai commentator Xyclopz.

Xyclopz to make debut on the Pro Circuit stage

Commentator Xyclopz has long been a permanent fixture in Beyond the Summit's coverage of SEA tournaments, and today it was announced that he will be part of the official broadcast crew for the MDL Macau Minor. Xyclopz is one of SEA's most prominent English commentators but was involved in controversy earlier this year. His unique style of casting should add something a little new to the Minor broadcast, especially if he will be given a co-caster. Xyclopz has a habit of creating some truly memorable off the cuff remarks during his casts.

The Mars Media Dota 2 League: Macau 2017 will be Xyclopz's first appearance at the LAN portion of a Pro Circuit event broadcast but, like the other talent named, he will not be present at the event itself.

BTS tweeted that the English stream will be provided remotely and that LD, GOdz, Winter and ODPixel will be joining Xyclopz on the broadcast. The MDL Macau Minor is being held in the Macau University Music Hall and will feature 9 teams. The event kicks off on Thursday.

Click here to learn more about the MDL Macau Minor.

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